Reacting Event Driven Programming with Chris Boden

Published on 24 Jun 2018 / In PHP

What if I told you FCGI and mod_php were pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth; you are a slave, born into bondage of synchronous, linear execution. Free your mind.

The Matrix...I mean this talk will break your thinking of 1-pass CLI scripts and request/response architected websites. You will learn about asynchronous, full-duplex, event-ed, network programming. We'll cover the fundamental differences between your traditional web stack, introducing the event loop, and process communication.

We'll cover best practices, the how and why, and hopefully this will help you from shooting yourself in the foot ,but if not at least you'll do it while doing something else at the same time!

Demonstrating this will be shown with React, the asynchronous PHP library.

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