Rustcast #6 - traits From and Into in Rust programming language

Published on 14 Oct 2018 / In Rust

This tutorial explains traits From and Into, which are widely used for data type conversion in Rust.
They may be considered as an alternative to method overriding (that does not exist in Rust), which
allows you defined user friendly generic functions, that can work with different data types.

In the video you will also find a little coding session with an example.

* Introduction of From and Into traits
* Taking a look at implementations of From trait in the standard library
* Coding session with an example how From and Into traits can be used in order to build a better function API.

* From (Rust doc):
* Into (Rust doc):
* From and Into (Rust by example):

This video was produced with the following open source software:
* OpenShot:
* Inkscape:
* Gimp:
* Vokoscreen:
* Audacity:
* LibreOffice:

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