What Does Swift Mean for Developers?

Published on 24 Jun 2018 / In SwiftLang

Learn more, here: https://mutualmobile.com/video....s/ask-dev-swift-mean

iOS Engineer Chris Gibbs discusses how if you've ever wanted to get into iOS development - now is the perfect time thanks to Swift. Resource links:

- Documents -

The Swift Programming Language
- iBook (https://itunes.apple.com/us/bo....ok/the-swift-program
- HTML (https://developer.apple.com/li....brary/prerelease/ios

Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C
- HTML (https://developer.apple.com/li....brary/prerelease/ios
- PDF (https://developer.apple.com/li....brary/prerelease/ios

- Videos -

Introduction to Swift (https://developer.apple.com/vi....deos/wwdc/2014/?id=4
Integrating Swift with Objective-C (https://developer.apple.com/vi....deos/wwdc/2014/?id=4
Intermediate Swift (https://developer.apple.com/vi....deos/wwdc/2014/?id=4
Swift Interoperability In Depth (https://developer.apple.com/vi....deos/wwdc/2014/?id=4
Advanced Swift (https://developer.apple.com/vi....deos/wwdc/2014/?id=4

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